The trade routes of
Maya and Aztecs
In this fascinating author's journey through two countries of Latin America, we will try to understand the causes of the collapse of the Mayan cities in the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala. For this purpose we will go by the ancient trade route from the Mexican valley to Guatemela, the country of Forests. We will see two New Yorks of ancient Mesoamerica: the city where the Gods were born, the majestic and mysterious Teotihuacan, the mystery of the buildings of which has not been revealed until now, and the pompous lost in the jungle Mayan Tikal, where one of the episodes of "Star wars"was filmed.
We are waiting for amazing adventure in the style of "Indiana Jones" in the jungle of the Mexican state of Chiapas: hike to the Mayan temples hidden in the jungle and swimming in waterfalls, where they filmed "Predator" and "Apocalypto", then the recently discovered cave with Mayan artifacts and, perhaps, crossing the Guatemalan border to the powerful buildings of the city Piedras Negras, and of course, delicious Mayan city of Palenque...
We will wander in the jungle, take boats up the Usumacinte river, where, if we are lucky, we will see peaceful crocodiles, climb through the gorge to the plateau, to the impregnable Mayan fortress and enjoy the peace and tranquility in a Bungalow on the shores of the lagoon...
Of course, we will not forget about the amazing museums and other hot spots of Mexico city and Guatemala city, and finish the journey in the picturesque market of the old colonial capital of Guatemala Antigua, where we will see representatives of different Mayan peoples and buy artifacts.

2 weeks
basic program

2 countries
Guatemala and Mexico
2550 $
The price includes transfers, car rental, double accommodation in 3 star hotels and lodges, escort, interpreter, entrance tickets to museums and parks, guides, excursions.
The route
Guatemala and Mexico 24.04.2020 - 07.05.2020
April 24 - May 7 2020
April 24
April 24
arrival in Mexico city, accommodation, overnight at the hotel
April 25
April 25
A trip to the city of the gods, ancient Teotihuacan, the greatest city in Mesoamerica, whose influence extended far beyond the Valley of Mexico, to the South, to the Mayan lands.
We will see and climb one of the greatest pyramids on Earth, the pyramid of the Sun, as well as the pyramid of the moon, see the temple of the Feathered Serpent and walk along the Avenue of the Dead.

April 26
April 26
Mexico city
Introduction to Mexico city: the national Palace, the Palace of Fine arts, the Central square of the city, markets, visit the National Museum of history and anthropology of Mexico.
The Museum has extensive archaeological collections on the regions and cultures of pre-Columbian Mexico, including carved Mayan steles, Aztec artifacts, Zapotec and Mistec pottery, Olmec stone heads, gold and jade jewelry.
Departure to Villahermosa. Arrival in Palenque. The night in Palenque
April 27
April 27
Magical Palenque and the Blue mountains of Chiapas
All day we explore the picturesque ruins of Palenque and the Museum of the settlement.
See the temple of the Inscriptions, where the hidden tomb of the famous king of the city - Pacal, the Temples of the cross, you will see a Palace with a Tower,Observatory and the throne of the ruler, the system of water supply of this magnificent city. Local disco.
The night in Palenque
April 28
April 28
The Zapatistas of Chiapas
Moving to a private ranch. Here we are waiting for surprises and adventures: jungles, waterfalls, temples and caves of the Maya.
Last time we were lucky enough to be the first to descend into the Mayan cave, discovered by chance a week before our arrival, the cave was full of artifacts and ceramic vessels turned into stalagmites.
This impressed the seasoned travelers on our team.
In the evening, we taste home-aged tequila and learn to understand the varieties of agave.
Night on a hospitable ranch.
April 29
April 29
Jungles and waterfalls
Hike through the jungle to the waterfalls and Mayan ruins and Mayan settlement Bonampak with amazing frescoes. Until their discovery in 1946, the Maya civilization was considered a civilization of learned poets, artists and stargazers. At that time, the Maya hieroglyphs were insufficiently studied, and images of war were not encountered. The frescoes of Bonampak turned perception about the Maya as a peaceful civilization. We will see scenes of battle, sacrifice and celebration over the defeated enemies.
Return to the ranch.
Night at the ranch
April 30
April 30
Crossing the border with Guatemala by river
Early departure to Guatemala. On the way visit the Maya city of Yashchilan by motor boats.
At 11.00 lunch on the banks of the Usumacinta river (border with Guatemala). At 12.00 departure by boat to Guatemala. In Sayaxche arrival and departure by boat to the lagoon Punto de Cimino.
Overnight at the Lodge in a Bungalow on the lagoon.
May 01
May 01
Ущелье Агуатека
Hike through the gorge to the impregnable fortress of Maya, Aguateca.
Agauteca is located at the top of a plateau surrounded by natural gorges. Now, passing through a beautiful gorge, we can easily climb to the settlement, hastily abandoned in the 9th century by the inhabitants during the "Civil war" raging at that time in the Peteshbatun region.
Departure to Tikal. Overnight at hotel in Tikal.
May 02
May 02
Early morning we go to Tikal, "New York of Maya", where we meet the dawn and explore the metropolis until the evening.
In the evening, we move to the lake Peten Itza, in the town of Flores, the last stronghold of the Maya Itza, who submitted to the Spaniards already in 1697, almost two centuries after the beginning of the Conquest.
Overnight at hotel in Flores.
May 03
May 03
The last stronghold of the Maya - the city of Tayasal (Flores)
Walk around a picturesque town Flores located on an island in the middle of lake Peten Itza.
In the evening transfer to the airport and departure to Guatemala city.
Overnight in Guatemala city.

May 04, 05
May 04, 05
Museums and markets
Visit the Museum of archaeology and Ethnology of Guatemala.
Moving to the colonial capital-Antigua Guatemala.
Antigua Guatemala is a UNESCO world heritage site and the most popular tourist destination in Guatemala. The city is known for its well-preserved architecture of houses and temples of the colonial period which was built under the influence of Spanish Baroque and Mudejar style.
The streets of Antigua are laid out on a perpendicular plan and converge at the Central Park. The fountain on its territory is a popular place for meetings and recreation. Around the Park are most of the architectural monuments of the city: the arch of Santa Catarina, the Cathedral of San Jose, the Museum of books, the Museum of Colonial art, the Museum of jade products, the temple of Santo Domingo, the Church of San Francisco and other attractions.
The city has three large volcanoes: Agua, Acatenango and Fuego known for constant low-level activity.
Night in Antigua

May 06, 07
May 06, 07
Возвращение в Гватемалу.
After shopping at the picturesque Antigua market we return to Guatemala city and in the evening to Mexico city.
Night in Mexico city and flight home at May 7
3 reasons to go
Reason 1:
Mexico and Guatemala are amazingly beautiful, exotic countries with rich history. We will see different climatic and landscape zones: mountains and jungles.

Reason 2:
We will follow the ancient paths of Aztec traders and Teotihuacan conquerors South to the Mayan lands, climb one of the main waterways of the ancient traders, the Usumacinte river, reach Guatemala, the country of forests and the Tikal National Park.

Reason 3:
This is an author's trip for a small group, not a "bus tour" for a mass tourist. Travel developer and organizer Andrey Ufimtsev, editor-in-chief of popular science Internet project, anthropologist, traveler, specialist in Mexico, Central America, organizing expeditions and trips to the region since 1998.
Double rooms
We stay in hotels, lodges and ranches of varying degrees of comfort.
Age and skills

Our trip will be interesting for all ages: young (16+) and experienced travelers. Special physical training is not required, but endurance for one-day Hiking is necessary.
What else?
Our trip will be interesting for all ages: young (16+) and experienced travelers. No special physical training is required, but endurance for a one-day hike is necessary.
100 kilometers in 4 days through the jungle of Guatemala in our trip to El Mirador it was cool! Of course it was possible to hire a helicopter and fly to Acapulco to drink beer on the beach, as we thought at the beginning of the transition)), but we are not looking for easy ways. But now we remember this difficult adventure and prepare for new heights of overcoming ourselves
Andrey, 48
Costs $
number of people
April 24 - May 07 2020
car rental, petrol, road payment, domestic flights in Mexico and Guatemala, accommodation (double) in 3 star hotels, lodges and ranches on the program and Breakfast in them (if included in the rate), entrance tickets to museums and parks, escort, interpreter.
international flights, insurance, food, border fees, alcohol, Souvenirs.
Hi, I'm Andrey Ufimtsev
I am an ethnographer, traveler, specializing in the cultures of Mexico, Central and South America, the founder and editor-in-chief of the popular scientific Internet project dedicated to the history and pre-Columbian cultures of North and South America
He organized and conducted expeditions and travels, including to remote corners of different countries: Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Argentina, Chile, Indonesia (Kalimantan), Uganda, Tanzania.
This journey is my author's project. I have been to Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras many times. And although I know this route very well, there are always surprises and pleasant surprises waiting for me on it.
Let's go together to discover the world!

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