Maya lived, Maya alive, Maya will live
In this trip to Guatemala, we will live in these colorful Mayan villages, feel, smell, see the real Guatemala and even take part in the Grand celebration of the Day of the dead, dive among the ruins of the flooded villages of lake Atitlan, go on ocean fishing, and if you are lucky - see in the jungle a rare bird Quetzal, the symbol of Guatemala, the "land of forests".
2 weeks
4WD cars (group more than 8)
3 regions
Sea, mountains, jungles
2550 $
group > 8 people, double rooms
October 30 - November 12 2020
Accommodation will be simple, but comfortable for the traveler-in three-star hotels and cozy lodges.
The program
October 30 октября - November 12 2020
October 30
October 30
Arrival to Guatemala city, overnight in a hotel
October 31
October 31
Guatemala Antigua
Visit the national Museum of archaeology and Ethnography in Guatemala city.
The Museum has an extensive archaeological collection of more than 25 thousand exhibits, including carved Mayan steles, ceramics, jewelry.
Departure to Antigua Guatemala, the former colonial capital of Guatemala.
Antigua Guatemala is a UNESCO world heritage site and the most popular tourist destination in Guatemala. The city is known for its well-preserved architecture of houses and temples of the colonial period, built under the influence of Spanish Baroque and Mudejar style.
The streets of Antigua are laid out on a perpendicular plan and converge at the Central Park. The fountain on its territory is a popular place for meetings and recreation. Around the Park are most of the architectural monuments of the city: the arch of Santa Catarina, the Cathedral of San Jose, the Museum of books, the Museum of Colonial art, the Museum of jade products, the temple of Santo Domingo, the Church of San Francisco and other attractions. The city has three large volcanoes: Agua, Acatenango and Fuego known for constant low-level activity.
Overnight at hotel Antigua.

November 1
November 1
Day of the dead
From early morning in the villages of Sumpango and Santiago begin festivals of giant kites. This tradition appeared a hundred years ago and completes the celebration of the Day of the dead, the origins of which go back to pre-Columbian times. On this day, dead relatives are honored, cemeteries are visited ,dead ancestors are "treated" with what they loved in life.
At noon we leave for a town Panahachel on lake Atitlan.
Panahachel is known for local clothing production and other crafts. There are many bars, restaurants where hippies use to hang out.
A night in Panahachel.

November 2
November 2
Lake Atitlan, Panahachel
All day at lake Atitlan in Panahachel.
Lake Atitlan is located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level in the crater of the volcano and surrounded by mountains of volcanic origin, it is a magical place with a relaxed atmosphere. Atitlan is 12 km long and 5 km wide, the depth of the lake is 340 meters.
Water sports can be enjoyed on the lake, but most people just come to relax and experience the atmosphere of the Mayan villages located on its shores
We admire the views of Atitlan and swim in the lake.
Overnight at hotel.
November 3, 4
November 3, 4
Atitlan villages
Two days of travel through the wonderful, so different Mayan villages.
On the shores of the lake there are Mayan villages Kakchikeley, Tsutuhiley and Tsotsiley. Each of them has its own different national clothes.
The village of Santa Cruz La Laguna has excellent diving spots. The level of water in the lake is still rising, it has already swallowed whole villages over the years. Diving among flooded hotels and houses is an interesting experience.
In the village Jaibalito on the North side of Atitlan is a great place for a walk. Jaibalito is the smallest and most remote village on the lake. It is a beautiful, peaceful place to stay.
The village of San Juan is famous for its painted houses and art galleries, a paradise for artists.
The most authentic and unspoiled by tourists is the village of Santa Catarina Palopo.
November 5
November 5
Chichikastenango and the rituals of Maya

Early in the morning we leave for the picturesque Mayan town of Chichicastenango on a mountain serpentine.
Lying at an altitude of 2030 m above sea level, foggy Chichikastenango is surrounded by picturesque valleys and framed by jagged ridges of mountain ranges. Chichikastenango has been known since pre-Hispanic times as a major center for trade. The fairly isolated city turns into pandemonium on Thursdays and Sundays when it becomes the largest and highest-altitude market in Central America.
Religious fraternities "kofradias" arrange these days colorful processions around the Church of Santo Tomas and the sanctuary of Pascual ABA (ancient Mayan temple dedicated to the God of the earth).
According to local ethnographers, nowhere else in the country can you find so well-preserved Mayan rites as in Chichikastenango. And this is not surprising - in the Church of Santo Tomas there is a copy of the ancient book of Popol Vuh ("Holy book of creation" or "book of the Council", in a broader sense- "Book of the people"), containing the entire system of local cosmology.
The night in Chichicastenango.
November 6
November 6
Pacific Ocean, Puerto Quetzal
In the morning we will start on the Pacific coast of Guatemala
One of the best beaches in Guatemala attracts with its almost black volcanic sand and many sea turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs.
Sea fishing for those who wish
November 7
November 7
Relax on the beach!
All day we rest, swim, dive, catch sea fish, enjoy seafood.
November 8
November 8
Lake Amatitlan
We move from the Pacific ocean to the shore of another beautiful lake Amatitlan which is located near the capital of Guatemala. Because of this neighborhood, swimming in the lake is not recommended , but you can enjoy its views.
Options: visit to the coffee plantation or an archaeological tour.
November 9
November 9
Quetzal national Park
Today we go to the jungles of Guatemala in search of the symbol of the country, a rare and very beautiful bird Quetzal, whose feathers are very highly valued by the Mayans and Aztecs and other peoples of Mesoamerica.
As it is very difficult to see Quetzal, so we will try to catch it for a couple of days.
Overnight at the Lodge.

November 10
November 10
In search of Quetzal
In the morning we try not to miss the bird Quetzal. Night in the Park Kerala

November 11
November 11
Return to the capital
We leave for Guatemala city in the morning. Overnight in Guatemala city and flight home on November 12
3 reasons to go
Reason 1:
Guatemala is an amazingly beautiful, exotic, rich in history country. We will see different climatic and landscape zones: mountains, ocean and jungle and travel back in time to ancient history.
It is highly important that we are going to celebrate The day of the dead, one of the main holidays in the country, which have ancient roots. We will spend the at the largest kite festival in the world!
Reason 2:
In a journey, especially in such a long one, the microclimate in the team is very important, experienced travelers know about it. The main backbone of this team has passed together more than one thousand kilometers in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Peru, Ecuador, Kalimantan, Chukotka. We will teach you how to easily join a team with a comfortable atmosphere.
Reason 3:
This is an author's trip for a small group, not a "bus tour" for a mass tourist. Travel organizer Andrey Ufimtsev, editor-in-chief of popular science Internet project, anthropologist, traveler, specialist in Mexico, Central America. He has been organizing expeditions and trips to the region since 1998.
Double rooms
Hotels and lodges
Age and skills
Our trip will be interesting for all ages: both young and experienced travelers. Any level of physical fitness is appropriate. If you can bear 4-6 hour journeys by car on mountain roads and the strength in your hands are enough to raise a glass of red, or a glass of mezcal or Guatemalan rum Zacapa, then you are ready for the trip.
What else?
Reservations cannot be cancelled from two months prior to travel.
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Crossing Borneo on the equator is, of course, a terrible wreck-of-the-leg. We killed all shoes and still do not understood what type is appropriate for the trip like this)). It seems that manufacturers did not design it yet.
10 days in a race through the Equatorial jungle is not easy, but you can do anything with such a team
Dmitry, 50
100 kilometers in 4 days through the jungle of Guatemala in our trip to El Mirador: it was cool! Of course it was possible to hire a helicopter and fly to Acapulco to drink beer on the beach, as we thought at the beginning of the trip)), but we are not looking for easy ways. Now we remember this difficult adventure and prepare for new heights of conquering ourselves
Andrey, 48
Costs $
car rental, petrol, road payment, accommodation (double) in 3 star hotels and lodges according to the program and breakfasts in them (if included in the tariff), entrance tickets to museums and parks, escort, interpreter.
international flights, insurance, food, border fees, alcohol, Souvenirs, diving, ocean fishing
Hi, I Andrey Ufimtsev
I am an anthropologist, traveler specializing in the cultures of Mexico, Central and South America, the founder and editor-in-chief of the popular scientific Internet project devoted to the history and pre-Columbian cultures of North and South America
I organized and conducted expeditions and travels, including to remote corners of different countries: Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Indonesia (Kalimantan), Uganda, Tanzania
This journey is my author's project. I have been to Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras many times. In the villages of mountainous Guatemala, I was in 2019, but I had no chance to catch Quetzal by the tail - let us go together to discover new things, including ourselves!

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