Reindeer herders and sea mammal hunters
Chukotka. Lorino is a capital of whales
We will show you amazing Chukotka, and your vivid impressions will remain for a lifetime.

If you have no idea where that Chukotka is, you can still very easily find it on the map – it is really located at the edge of the world right between Eurasia and America.
And now think about its scale: Chukotka occupies more than 720,000 square kilometers, - it is exactly twice the size of Germany. Тhe population is only 50 000 people, as a small town. It is a real kingdom of wild animals, you will see here lots of walruses, whales, deer.
Though Chukotka is a harsh land, the aboriginal people managed to adapt to its climate thousands of years ago. Today we can see two main systems of human adaptation to cold climates: the culture of sea hunters and the culture of tundra reindeer herders.
These people live in complete harmony with nature, and they call themselves "real people". We will not only visit them and try their exotic food, but also take part in their traditional holidays: the feast of the deer in the tundra and the feast of the whale on the coast.
Our journey begins in the city of Anadyr - the capital of the Chukotka Autonomous region and then we will travel across the territory of the amazing national Park "Beringia", observe herds of whales, walruses, bird colonies.
Winter program:
8 days/7 nights
Summer program:
12 days/11 nights
26 March - 3 April
6 - 17 April
20 - 29 July
3 - 14 August (completed)
10 - 21 August
Pacific Ocean, Bering Strait
from 2900 $
The main program.
The price includes preparing the passes to border zone and national parks, meetings at the airport, transfers, water, land and air transportation on the territory of the Chukotka Autonomous region, accommodation in the hotel Anadyr, in an apartment in the village of Lorino, two meals a day, entrance tickets to museums and parks, guide support throughout the route, excursions according to the program.

Winter program:
March - April 2020, 2 groups

Summer program:
July - August 2020, 3 groups

Summer 2020
Day 1
Day 1
Arrival, adaptation

Arrival to Anadyr (UTair flight 533 from Moscow).
Meeting at the airport, ferry to the city
Accommodation at the hotel
City tour (monuments to the founder of the city Grinevetsky, Chukchi writer Rytkhau, the First Revkom of Chukotka Mandrikov, St. Nicholas)
Dinner and tasting of red fish, caviar and other local delicacies.
A story about local rituals and traditions. The ritual of feeding the spirits

Day 2
Day 2
Flight to Lavrentiya
Breakfast, crossing the estuary to the airport.
Flight Anadyr-Lavrentiya, meeting at the airport,
Land transfer to the village of Lorino (40 km, 1 hour), photographing the tundra on the way
Accommodation at the apartment
Dinner-home cooking
Anthropologist's lecture on the history of whaling

Day 3
Day 3
Early breakfast
Sea voyage and grey whale watching, also a chance to see an aboriginal harpoon whaling by WWC quota. Meat sharing by local people.
Testing sea animal meat
Walking tour of the village
Lecture on the history of Chukotka exploring
Overnight in the apartment
Day 4
Day 4
Hot springs

Visit the underground permafrost chambers for storage of meat.
Visiting the bone carving workshop, a master class, ordering Souvenirs.
Trip to Lorino hot springs, picnic, swimming in the springs, returning to the village,
Meeting with representatives of Eskimo and Chukchi cultures, discussion on inter-cultural interaction. Communication with participants of the local folk group (option).
Overnight in the apartment
Day 5
Day 5
Reindeer herders
Departure by boats or all-terrain vehicles to the reindeer herding brigade (Neshkan or Lorino brigade, depending on the location of the nomads).
Photographing the tundra along the way.
Arrival at the camp, meeting with reindeer herders, exchange of gifts
Ride to the herd.
The ritual slaughter of reindeer.
Dinner – food of the reindeer, a master class in cooking dishes of venison
Communication with reindeer herders, campfire stories about life in the tundra
Master class in lassoing
Lecture on the traditional exchange between reindeer herders and whalers.
Returning to Lorino
Day 6
Day 6
Cape Dezhnev
Оption if the weather is good: a journey to Cape Dezhnev and Uelen village, the most Eastern point of Eurasia
Picnic at the ancient Eskimo settlement of Naukan
Visiting the lighthouse and the monument to Semyon Dezhnev, who discovered the strait between Asia and America in 1648
Day 7
Day 7
Old settlement Akkani
Early departure to the old settlement Akkani
Demonstration of traditional aboriginal hunting pinnipeds (walrus),
Demonstration of traditional butchering of pinnipeds, cooking and tasting walrus meat, mushrooming around. Good chance to watch a brown bear.
Returning to Lorino or overnight in Akkani (sleeping bags in houses)
Day 8
Day 8
Participation in the competition of whalers; harpoon throwing, rowing on a kayak made of walrus skin, knitting knots. Chance to take part in the main local festival "Beringia"
Buying Souvenirs, visiting the bath, informal communication with hunters
Farewell dinner.
Day 9
Day 9
Returning to Anadyr
Early breakfast,
Visiting the hunter community office for farewell words
Transfer to Lavrentiya Airport, departure to Anadyr.
Watching salmon fishing.
Picnic on the beach. Purchase of caviar.
Crossing estuary to the city.
Accommodation at the hotel

Day 10
Day 10
Anadyr city walk
Visiting the Museum "Heritage of Chukotka" in Anadyr .
Purchasing of souvenirs.
Farewell dinner, exchange of impressions,
Performance of a folk group (throat singing or dancing)
Day 11
Day 11
Gudym is an abandoned military base of Cold War times.
Crossing the estuary for the airport side
Excursion to the abandoned military base Gudym.
undeground tour, visiting the command post of a nuclear missile
Picnic with packed army ration
Flight Anadyr-Moscow.
Day 12
Day 12
Rezerve day
reserve day in case of changing the flight schedule
Winter program 1:

Chukchi and Eskimo
Route: Anadyr - Kanchalan - reindeers (Chukchi) - Uelkal (Eskimo)
Tour type: ethnic tourism, ecotourism
Period: March - April,
Number of travelers in a group: group, from 4 to 8 people
Number of days / nights: 8/7
Day 1
Arrival to Anadyr,
Meeting at the airport, transfer to the city over the ice of Estuary
Accommodation at the hotel
City tour (monuments of a city founder Grinevetsky, Chukchi writer Rytkhau, Bolshevik Mandrikov, St. Nicholas)
Acquaintance with guides, inspection of the equipment, instructions
Day 2
Departure by Trekol to Kanchalan (70 km, 2-3 hours. 700 inhabitants)
A story about local rituals and traditions. The ritual of feeding the spirits.
Tour of the village, lunch at a boarding school, communication with children and management
Excursion to the river for ice fishing (smelt, grayling)
Return to the school,
Overnight stay in school (beds)
Day 3
Early breakfast.
Transfer by Trekol to reindeer herding brigade (100-120 km, 5-6 hours).
Meeting with reindeer herders, exchange of gifts
Tea party in yaranga, stories about tundra life.
Master class in lassoing
Dinner – food of the reindeer, a master class in cooking dishes of venison
Overnight in yaranga (sleeping bags) or return to Kanchalan (optional)
Day 4
Reserve day in brigade or in Kanchalan - on wish
Returning to Anadyr
Bath (Russian Sauna)
Day 5
Exit at Trekol in the Eskimo village of Uelkal ' – 120 km, 4 – 5 hours (100 inhabitants)
Picnic at the "Wing" - monument of the WWar II, the story of Alsib
Arrival in the village
A story about the traditions of the Eskimos
Concert eskimo folklore ensemble "Imlya"
Testing traditional food of sea hunters (whale, walrus, seal)
Overnight in the club (sleeping bags)
Day 6
Visiting an abandoned military base - troposphere station
Alsib combat pilot cemetery
Returning to Anadyr
Day 7
Reserve day in Anadyr in case of bad weather
Visiting museum " Heritage of Chukotka"
Farewell dinner at the restaurant
The performance of the folklore group (dancing or throat singing)
Day 8 (Thursday)
Transfer via the estuary to the airport
A visiting of the abandoned military base Gudim (nuclear missile mine of Cold war times)
Departure from Anadyr

Winter program 2:
Photo tour "In search of Umky"
Route: Anadyr – Uelkal' - Egvekinot – Amguema reindeer herding brigade - gold mine "Vostochnyj" - Vankarem
Tour type: photo tour, extreme, ecotourism
Period: March – April,
Number of travelers in a group: individual, up to 7 people
Number of days / nights: 12/11 or 15/14
Day 1
Arrival to Anadyr. Meeting at the airport.
Lunch at the airport cafe
Baggage collection and registration of passes at the border service
Excursion to the abandoned military base Gudym
Accommodation in the town of Ugolnye Kopi at the apartment.
Meeting the guides. Inspection of equipment, instructions
Dinner at the apartment, "feeding of the spirits"
Day 2
Early rise, Breakfast, (option – flight to Egvekinot from Anadyr)
Ride by Trekol from Ugolnye Kopi to the Eskimo village Uel'kal ' (180 km)
Picnic at the "Wing" - the crushed aircraft of the WWar II
Arrival to the village
Accommodation in the club. Lecture about the culture and traditions of the Eskimos.
Dinner - traditional eskimo food, a story about the history of the village
Excursion to the military pilot cemetery (story of Land-lease, Alsib) and to troposphere station
Day 3
Ride from Uel'kal ' to Egvekinot (120 km)
Picnic on the way
Arrival to Egvekinot, accommodation in cottages or apartments
Walking tour of the town, visit the local Museum (GULAG and ALSIB stories), ski slopes, The Bay of Cross.
Dinner at cafe " 13 " or at home
Day 4
Ride from Egvekinot to Amguema (90 km)
Stop at the sign "Arctic circle", picnic, feeding spirits,
Arrival to Amguema. School visit, lunch.
Departure to the reindeer people (up to 60 km)
Meeting with the hearders, exchanging of gifts.
Dinner, small talk
Accommodation in yaranga or tent or return to Amguema.
Day 5-7 (or 5-9)
Ride to Vankarem (190 km)
Stop on the way at the gold mine "Vostochny", lunch, tea.
Arrival to Vancarem
Accommodation at the polar station or with local residents.

In Vancarem:
Tour of the village and the Cape.
A visit to Chelyuskinskaya school, history of "Chelyuskin"
Meeting with guides and departure on the "Polar Bear patrol" route, search and observation of polar bears
Visiting to the destroyed troposphere station " Agat"
Meeting with locals at the club.
Optional: departure to the tundra for the reindeer brigade
Day 8
Returning to Egvekinot by all-terrain vehicle "Trekol "(290 km)
Tea party at the mine "Vostochny" on the way
Dinner in the Amguema on the way
Arrival to Egvekinot
Accommodation in cottages
Lunch in cafe " 13" or at home
Day 9
Ride from Egvekinot to Uelkal ' (120 km) (option – flight to Anadyr)
Overnight in Uelkal
Day 10
Ride from Uelkal ' to Anadyr (180 km)
Arrival to Anadyr
City tour (monuments of Bolshevik Mandrikov, the founder of the city Grinevetsky, Chukchi writer Rytkheu)
Visit to the Museum " Heritage of Chukotka"
Farewell dinner, concert of folk group
Accommodation in hotel
Day 11
Crossing the estuary to the airport
departure to Moscow

Day 12
Reserve day in a case of bad weather
3 reasons to go
Reason 1:
Our experienced guides will show you thousands of walrus on their rookeries, as well as they will lead you to visit the polar bear den and you will come back safe and happy.
Reason 2:
Only here you can see the aboriginal harpoon whaling, as well as walrus spearing. These unique traditions have survived here since the stone age. But local hunters are very careful about the surrounding nature and they take only what is necessary for their survival.
Reason 3:
Wild impressions of the meeting with the whales: when these giants surround the boat and dance peacefully around it, amiably waving their tails to you and stroking the sides of the boat with their rough skin covered with shells!
More details
Hotel in Anadyr, apartment in towns, yaranga in tundra
Age and skills
The journey is difficult, extreme. You need psychological stability and willingness to fight difficulties, the ability to work in a team. But as a result, everything pays off with unforgettable impressions from the meeting with the amazing archaic world of "real people"
What else?
Reservations cannot be cancelled from two months prior to travel. Two months in advance it is necessary to submit documents for registration of passes, as well as to buy tickets for domestic flights.
Have a look at one of our journeys:
Alvaro from Spain
(a photographer for National Geographic)
Alexandra Vitekova (Slovakia)
Wild, breathtaking and unforgetable! Interesting programme, fantastic guide and extraordinary experience. Me and my Dad were part of an international group of tourists and visited Chukotka in august 2019. We were satisfied with everything - our guide, programme, food, whale hunting, unexpected meetings with Chukchi people and natives. I really recommend this trip to every traveler, who loves exploring virgin and wild nature. Chukotka is a real cure for our urban lifestyle and makes you stop yourself and start thinking about your life. Believe or not, Chukotka will stay in your memories and heart till your last breath
Costs $
number of people/program
Summer program
July - August 2020
Winter program 1
Winter program 2 (Photo tour)
Passes to the border zone, entrance permission to the national park, transportation costs within Chukotka (local air tickets, boat and all-terrain vehicle rental), accommodation, HB meals at picnics on the road, payment to guides, interpreters, motor boaters, tickets to museums, ferry and taxi.
air tickets to Chukotka and back, insurance, food, alcohol, souvenirs, as well as additional optional items of the program, which are negotiated separately
Hi, I am Michael Rezyapkin, anthropologist and your guide
Welcome to our expedition! Almost all my life I have been studying small native groups in remote corners of the world and organizing exciting trips to the Arctic, Mongolia, Latin America.
I arranged two expeditions for the photographers from National Geographic (Alvaro Laiz, Pete Muller), several trips for movie and TV crews from Russia, Korea and Germany, as well as many tours for different types of adventurers. I will guide you along the route and share my experience, telling about the culture and history of the Chukchi, Inuit and other ethnic groups. Together we will get a lot of interesting experiences and learn about our amazing planet, see how people and animals can adapt and live where, at first glance, it is impossible to survive...

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