More than a hundred years ago, during the Russian-Japanese war, a railway was built along the shore of lake Baikal. In those days, the locomotive needed water at hand, so the road ran right along the shore, through the most picturesque places of the lake. Time passed, a new railroad was extended, and people forgot about that one. That is why it has survived to this day in its original form – with all the old bridges, tunnels, arches. Now we have a unique opportunity to drive through the 90-kilometer section of the old Round-Baikal Railway on a real locomotive, with real stokers. Baikal stokers are hospitable and cheerful guys, they love their work, and they can invite you to their engine room to show how to disperse a black iron horse with the help of coal and a shovel.
While we are passing by outside-insanely-delightful views of the most beautiful lake on the Planet, you can realize that a quarter of all the fresh water of the globe is here, in this natural reservoir of 1652 meters deep!
The locomotive then picks up full speed to show its power, then goes slowly to admire the passing scenery outside the window, then suddenly makes a stop in the village of Transbaikal Cossacks.
6 - 7 days
Irkutsk, Round-Baikal railway, Olkhon island, Listvyanka, Ust-Orda
from 990 $
For the main program.
The price includes transfers, car rental, double room accommodation in hotels, entrance tickets to museums, guides, excursions.
March 5 - 10, 2020
March 5
March 5
Arrival to Irkutsk
Meeting at the airport of Irkutsk
Transfer to the hotel " Angara "(depending on the arrival time)
Breakfast in the cafe (buffet)
City tour of Irkutsk (2-3 hours)
Transfer to Listvyanka with a visit to the wooden architecture Museum "Taltsy"
Lunch in the cafe of the Museum "Taltsy" or in Listvyanka
Transfer to the hotel in Listvyanka on the shore of lake Baikal
Accommodation, rest
(optional: lift on the cable-chair road to the observation deck "Stone Chersky", visit the fish market or sea seal museum)
March 6
March 6
Listvyanka, Round-Baikal railway

Breakfast at the hotel
Excursion to the Baikal Museum
Snowmobile tour of the taiga to the golddiger base " Shelter of prospectors "(or a snowmobile drive along the railway, with a visit to the station Seredina not far from the village of Big Cats)
Return to Listvyanka across Baikal ice
(it is possible to combine: one part of the group goes Snowmobiling in the woods, second with sledge dogs on the ice of lake Baikal. Meeting at the base. The group changing means of transport)
Transfer to the hotel
Russian sauna
March 7
March 7
Maloe More
Loading on a vessel on an air cushion "Hivus"
Departure in the direction of Olkhon island (250 km to MRS)
On the way:
- stop in p. Big Goloustnoe
- stop in Sandy Bay (lunch)
The continuation of the journey
Stop near Ogoy island
Arrival at the camp site "Togot" on the shore of the Small Sea (Maloe More)
Accommodation, dinner

March 8
March 8
Olkhon island

Transfer to MRS
Excursion on the island of Olkhon to Cape Hoboy
Field lunch fish soup (Baikal omul)
Return to the camp site
Sauna at the shore of lake Baikal, swimming

March 9
March 9
Buddist temple
Departure to Irkutsk
On the way:
Stop in the Buryat ethnic village " Golden Horde"
Visiting a Buddhist temple in Ust-Orda
Late arrival at hotel in "130 block "
Farewell dinner in the bar

March 10
March 10
Returning home
Transfer to the airport
Flight back home

Golden fall. Baikal 2020
Day 1,
Meeting at the airport of Irkutsk,
Transfer and check-in to the hotel in Irkutsk in the "130 block"
City tour of Irkutsk, the merchant capital of Eastern Siberia. (Visiting Znamensky monastery, the oldest female monastery in Siberia, the tumb of Shelekhov.

Day 2,
Transfer to the railway station of Irkutsk, steamer locomotive ride around Baikal.
Moving along the section of the TRANS-Siberian railway to the Terminus (port Baikal).
This railway now it is a unique monument of architecture and engineering. There are 39 tunnels, 16 stone galleries, 248 bridges and viaducts on 260 km of the railway, of which we will pass 89.
Accommodation, in the village of Port Baikal in the historical building of the railway station.

Day 3,
Breakfast at the hotel in Port Baikal
Ferry to Listvyanka village
Excursion to the Baikal Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Virtual dive to the bottom of the deepest lake of the planet, exploring the microcosm of Baikal water,
Lunch - Baikal omul and beer
Elevator to the observation deck "Stone Chersky", located on top of one of the coastal mountains (height 755 m)
Excursion to a unique and ethnographic Museum of wooden architecture Taltsy. The artifacts of Siberian villages of XVII-XIX centuries
Returning to Irkutsk
Day 4,
Breakfast at the hotel restaurant
Transfer to the coast of the Small Sea (320 km; 6 hours)
Lunch in the cafe "Yurt" national Buryat cuisine
Accommodation in the recreation base "Togot" on the shore of lake Baikal (Small sea)
Dinner: barbecue and sauna, a swim in Bajkal
Day 5,
Ferry to Olkhon island.
Transfer to the village of Khuzhir - "capital" of Olkhon island (40 km, 1.5 hours)
Sightseeing tour of the village and Cape Burhan (Shamanka rock). Burhan is included in the list of 9 shrines of Asia; according to legend, Khan Hute-baabai, the spirit – master of the island, the protector and patron of the entire shamanic religion , lives here
Car tour to the northernmost Cape of Olkhon – Khoboy.
During the tour you will get acquainted with the landscapes of Northern Olkhon, enjoy panoramic views of the East coast of the lake
Picnic lunch, fish soup
Returning to the tourist camp "Togot"
The Siberian dinner with hot dishes and cold vodka
Day 6,
Breakfast at the recreation center
Walking in the area
Transfer to Irkutsk (250 km, 5 hours on the way)
Accommodation in a comfortable hotel
in the center of Irkutsk
Dinner in the cafe of national Buryat cuisine "Khan Buuz"
Day 7,
Breakfast in the hotel restaurant
Transfer to airport
Departure from Irkutsk

3 reasons to go
Reason 1:
to see Baikal, the deepest and one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet, which is concentrated in a quarter of the fresh water of the globe. To visit the heart of lake Baikal, Olkhon island and to check in at the famous Shaman rock.
Reason 2:
To visit Irkutsk, a city with a rich and amazing history, at one time it was the center of the largest province in the Russian Empire. The Irkutsk province included most of the Siberian lands and Alaska.
Reason 3:
to ride a steam locomotive on Round-Baikal railway, the unique monument of history
double rooms
Age and skills
This pleasant journey is suitable for any age and level of training
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Spring 2020
March 5 - 10
Golden fall 2020
September - October
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